Research Mission

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine educates primary care osteopathic physicians for rural communities. The school is dedicated first and foremost to service for West Virginia and prepares graduates to care for the special health care needs of West Virginia's elderly population.

The institution mission is supported by education, service and research. Research is fundamental to and consistent with quality medical education and improved community health.

Research Faculty

Many WVSOM faculty members are involved in research in both basic science and clinical sciences. These faculty members enthusiastically offer opportunities for medical students to become involved in research activities each year. These research opportunities most often take place in the summer months between the first and second years of their medical studies. 
Currently WVSOM has the following faculty members conducting research:
Medical students also have the opportunity to present research findings at campus seminars and national meetings. 
WVSOM supports medical students being involved in research and encourages them to explore these opportunities.Research at WVSOM includes a variety of biomedical, clinical, and osteopathic areas of investigation.

Research Resources at WVSOM

The WVSOM Research Facility is located in the Fredric W. Smith Science Building and encompasses approximately 4100 square feet. It is a USDA licensed research facility with eight animal housing rooms, a sterile surgery suite, a mechanical cage and bottle washer, support areas and is elevator-equipped.

The facility is staffed by one full-time Supervisor Laboratory Animal Resources, who is an AALAS certified laboratory animal technician, and a one-half time Animal Custodian. A consulting veterinarian is on contract to oversee the research program and provide veterinarian care. Research is conducted under the authority of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Anyone who observes, or is aware of any situation of concern for laboratory animal welfare should use the following link to submit a report.

MSOPTI Research

Research is fundamentally an attempt to answer a question. Therefore, research, of whatever kind, must begin with a question. Once the question has been raised, the next step is to determine the best way to find an answer.

The research question can come from anywhere. In the course of routine studies, or clinical practice, we often ask a question to go deeper into a particular issue.

Center for Rural & Community Health Research

The WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health (CRCH) is a resource center designed to help improve the health and lifestyle of West Virginians.

CRCH research projects that are currently being conducted include: