The Road to WVSOM

The students at the WVSOM come to Lewisburg with backgrounds as broad as the West Virginia mountains. What they find is a place where tech meets hometown. It's a personal touch combined with cutting-edge technology that makes the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine the perfect place for future physicians to expand their minds while learning a personal, holistic approach to medicine.

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WVSOM invites community youth to become "Healthcare Heroes"

If you have a young person in your home, grade K through 6, bring them out to WVSOM's Lewisburg campus Saturday, Sept. 20, to become a "Healthcare Hero."


WVSOM meets with community for strategic planning session

WVSOM and local community members, met to discuss the school's new five-year Institutional Strategic Plan.


WVSOM named a Great College to Work For, recognized on Honor Roll

For the fourth consecutive year, WVSOM has been listed as one of the great colleges to work for by The Chronicle's annual report on academic workplaces &


Healing the healer: Professional Health Program Helps Doctors

Is drug or alcohol addiction an occupational hazard for individuals pursuing a career in medicine?